In various design specifications! The number of designs is infinite!


By little reconstruction, it is applicable also to your hat (CAP, HAT).

About a cool smile

It was born by the way of thinking which gets cold.
The cool smile was developed for heatstroke prevention of summer, or power-saving demand.
It is the series which appeared first, which consists of a hat with spittle (cap hat) and which gets cold.
It was born in "cool smile brand" 2011.

Development episode

When doing what, the psychroesthesia could be maintained or ? was a subject.
The item called Cairo or a hot water bottle made hot had many goods from the former.
However, the system from which neither to make it maintain for a long period of time to cool nor a place is chosen and to need needed to be simple, and needed to be efficient.
In 1995, there was service which starts revival in Rakuten Market produced as prayer taking advantage of a Kobe earthquake.
They got the result which can be splendidly called symbol of revival, and were helpful to people.

中西雄三Developer: Yuzo Nakanishi

It was attached to the concept of also "cooling" a cool smile, and development was recommended towards the power-saving demand after an earthquake disaster (offing earthquake of the Tohoku district Pacific Ocean).
After applying a trial-and-error method from 17-year before, various idea product development was furthered, but it will be commercialized at last.


I will cool "Nippon! The brand "cool smile" which made "the catchphrase was suggested taking advantage of the earthquake disaster of 3.11 (proposer: inside Yuzo Nishi).
I will cool "Nippon! The thought with which "was loaded is in "Japan which gets used to revival and energy."


This cool smile that can do things always anywhere using cold simply corresponds to all parts, such as an object for hats, an object for heads, and an object for shoes, flexibly.

The outline of this product

The cooling system with the epoch-making practicality which moves by a battery did not exist once.

Neither a refrigerator nor water (evaporation heat use) is needed, but body temperature is actually taken from current temperature by cooling in the minus direction. It is just a human air conditioner.
A human error can be decreased by lowering the temperature of a head.

A 28℃ air-conditioner setup became common sense.
forming a human air-conditioner -- always -- a little between "-- the break "can be taken cool.

For example, a setup whose temperature of an air-conditioner is 28 ℃ will not change a case with an air-conditioner temperature of 25 ℃ and the effective temperature so much at the time of work in an office, either.
(Image) It can reply to the power-saving demand of summer.

Cool smile use
Cool smile nothing
Air-conditioner temperature of 28 ℃
Air-conditioner temperature of 25 ℃
Power consumption smallness
power consumption large
The effective temperature of the same about


The background of having resulted in development

As a result of all of the base (selection of a cooperation factory) to produce, cost reduction, idea working out, sales route reservation, and development cost gathering, it succeeded in commercialization.
If at least one is missing, it can be said that the cool smile was not born.

中国工場It is a production request to the cooperation factory in China.

About the origin of a "cool smile" name

Markets, such as Cool and ice, have the similar name too much, and were troubled.
Although COOL are "it cools" and a "cold" image in a meaning, it is meaningful in "It is stylish. "
Smile is a "smiling face." If it translates literally, it will be called "Cool smile."
Therefore, I had the model smile.
But there is the true origin on March 11.
I want Nippon to go with future [ pleasant ] warmly from the incident of the greatest great earthquake in Japan. The "smiling face" was chosen from such a thought.
Always smiles! GANBARE Japan!
Although the word with few registration of a search engine was chosen at first simply It was good for apt language to be found.

クールスマイル リカコ