In various design specifications! The number of designs is infinite!


By little reconstruction, it is applicable also to your hat (CAP, HAT).

Demand of original products

With a cool smile, I answer to demand like a client so that you can use the technology for other products.
For example, in the case of Mr. Maker of a hat, it cannot convert into business, such as a case where he would like to use it for the hat of his company, and a helmet, or I am receiving consultations, such as ?.
Please do not hesitate to ask.

The method of arrange

First of all, please ask the matter of hope from inquiry form.
The connection difference has been carried out from our company after that.

About production time for delivery

In for a cool smile cap, it takes the time for delivery for about 60 days.
Please keep in mind that time for delivery will be further prolonged if a long leave, year ends and New Year holidays, etc. of a factory are inserted.

About its company packaging or an original request

It is possible to design in our company or to customize according to a use or a sales channel.
Packaging, a brand name, etc. of hope are possible.


    Q1.May carrying in be sufficient although there is a design designed at its company?

    A1.A problem is not.
    It seems that in the case of data it will be finely finished if it receives in .EPS form, .AI Artificial Intelligence form, etc.

    Q2.Is the product itself improved and isn't it changed into the specification which can be used more for a long time? For example, it is change by making a battery into two etc.

    A2.It is possible.
    In that case, since a new metallic mold etc. are needed, initial investment is needed.


    A3.Although there is no law in particular, it is a normal use situation (only a summer is used.).
    It will seem by the case of 180 minutes about 3 years for one day.

    Q4.Is there any point noticed about use?

    A4.Cautions are required for the direction of a battery.
    Conversely, when a battery is put in, an element is sometimes broken according to a high fever.
    Moreover, please do not soak the unit part in water.
    There is a possibility of stopping functioning normally.

    Q5.When it overheats, what does it do?

    Q5.At the time of overheat, please use-resume after turning OFF and often awaking heat in the shade or a coldness-and-warmth place.

    Q6.You keep a battery put in. Are you OK?

    A6.When you do not use it fundamentally for a long time, please extract and keep a battery.
    There is a possibility of becoming a liquid leak, the corrosion of an electrode, etc.

    Q7.Is there any term of a guarantee?

    A7.The guarantee for three months after our company dispatch can be received for after-sale one month to End user.
    Please read the sales terms of a wholesale site for details.

    Q8.Is repair possible?

    A8.It becomes gratis carrying-in repair within the term of a guarantee.
    Out of the term of a guarantee is limited to when a part etc. exist by present, and serves as repair out of warranty (separately estimate).

    Q9.Is sale out of Japan possible?

    A9.Please consult.
    The sale to overseas does as a recognition system.

    Q10.Can an original OEM product be made from the quantity from how much?

    A10.It hears from 500pcs at present. An estimate changes by quantity.