In various design specifications! The number of designs is infinite!


By little reconstruction, it is applicable also to your hat (CAP, HAT).

The mechanism which gets cold

Why does a cool smile get cold? The structure is explained.

The feeling of the cold for about 90 minutes is obtained by one AA dry cell.

Large equipment, a power supply, water, etc. were needed for the method for obtaining conventionally feeling of the cold, such as a cold insulator put into the towel and freezer of evaporation heat (it uses dipping in water).
Therefore, it took for being based on sweat and there was a demerit -- there is no durability of a problem or a chilling effect.

The cool smile solved them.
It continues 90 minutes or more (weak cold mode) using an AA alkaline dry cell or a rechargeable dry cell battery.
This is equivalent to the time when it can perform watching soccer games.
Moreover, it is sanitary in order not to dip in water, and a feeling of the cold can be immediately obtained at the moment of wishing.

That is, if there is even a battery, it can cool.
As for this epoch-making idea, the weight saving was also a subject.
However, Cool Smile Caps are only 160 g (busy condition containing a battery) and a fogging feeling which is lightweight and is not different from a common hat.

Battery residual quantity

The above figure is a figure showing the decrease condition of a battery, and the relation of temperature. It becomes helpful to the last.

The mechanism for cooling

The core of the cool smile is designed with a simple structure.
This succeeded in the weight saving and the cost cut.

The heat sink which occupies the whole structure is lightweight at the product made from an aluminum alloy.
This heat sink has a role which increases a contact surface product with air, and radiates heat efficiently.

This heat sink serves also as the role of a battery box and an electrode.
A Peltier device is used for actually cooling.
(The thing of a tabular semiconductor device which used the Pelletier effect that heat already moved to one of the two from metal of one of the two when current was sent through the junction of two kinds of metal with the Peltier device.)
If direct-current electricity is sent, one field will carry out an endothermic and generation of heat will take place to an opposite side.

The battery itself to be used plays a role in heat dissipation.
The heat heated by the Peltier device radiates heat, as shown in a figure, and it is emitted into the atmosphere.
Efficient heat dissipation is indispensable to taking in cold efficiently.

A bicycle etc. will describe much [ a heat sink ] air during movement, and it can perform efficient cooling.

How much does it get cold?

It actually divides into temperature (skin temperature of an actual Peltier device) with the feeling temperature of the cold (temperature which actually gets across to skin), and thinks.
A Peltier device has temperature characteristics in the two directions of a high temperature side and the coldness-and-warmth side.
When the high temperature side is actually 25 ℃ in temperature, the coldness-and-warmth side is an image of 16 ℃.
(It is based on the environment of humidity, atmospheric pressure, and the spot.)

Although temperature was actually explained previously, the temperature originally felt for skin differs.
It is because there is body temperature.
If the coldness-and-warmth side like the point is 16 ℃, body temperature will assume that it is 36.5 ℃.
A difference in temperature will be 20.5 ℃.
It is a factor felt quite cold.
However, there is danger of a coldness-and-warmth burn in case of a difference in temperature.
In order to prevent a coldness-and-warmth burn for a cool smile, the gell pad (it is a bag containing a refrigerant which extends a feeling of the cold broadly and cools it to skin gently.) is carried.
Gell putt extends direct this barrel area to skin, and there is a role which tells cold quietly.
Moreover, since it is supple, it contacts along with a frame.

It is a Cap model and is only 160g light weight.

The inspiring feat of these 160 g becomes the full weight of the actual busy condition containing a battery.
The thorough heat sink unit design realized.
Weight will not be given rather than appearance.

The merit of an integral-type unit

A production rate becomes quick by the point that a cost cut can be aimed at by the increase in efficiency at the time of mass production, and unification of a part.
Moreover, the part of the body of others [ design / which was unified ] also corresponds flexibly.
It can attach also with the hat which self has (reconstruction is required.).

Two steps of cooling

The cool smile is designed by adopting a large-sized rotation switch to perform switch operation, wearing a hat.
It is a change type of OFF/ON1/ON2.
ON1 becomes weak cold mode (it cools gently for a long time), and ON2 has become rapid-cooling mode (by a short time, when powerful cooling is required, it is used).
This choice will play an active part in all scenes.

As for the battery used, Eneloop (rechargeable dry cell battery) etc. are recommendation.

I correspond to the AA dry cell which can be used all over the world.
Considering using it more energy saving and every day, a rechargeable battery is handy and we can recommend you.
Since repetition use can be carried out, it is good for environment at ECO.